snap image


Version: 1.8.0

sudo snap install ksnip

sudo snap remove ksnip

* Supports Linux (X11, Plasma Wayland, GNOME Wayland and xdg-desktop-portal Wayland), Windows and macOS. * Screenshot of a custom rectangular area that can be drawn with mouse cursor. * Screenshot of last selected rectangular area without selecting again. * Screenshot of the screen/monitor where the mouse cursor is currently located. * Screenshot of full-screen, including all screens/monitors. * Screenshot of window that currently has focus. * Screenshot of window under mouse cursor. * Screenshot with or without mouse cursor. * Capture mouse cursor as annotation item that can be moved and deleted. * Customizable capture delay for all capture options. * Upload screenshots directly to in anonymous or user mode. * Upload screenshots via custom user defined scripts. * Command-line support, for capturing screenshots and saving to default location, filename and format. * Filename wildcards for Year ($Y), Month ($M), Day ($D), Time ($T) and Counter (multiple # characters for number with zero-leading padding). * Print screenshot or save it to PDF/PS. * Annotate screenshots with pen, marker, rectangles, ellipses, texts and other tools. * Annotate screenshots with stickers and add custom stickers. * Obfuscate image regions with blur and pixelate. * Add effects to image (Drop Shadow, Grayscale or Border). * Add watermarks to captured images. * Global hotkeys for capturing screenshots (currently only for Windows and X11). * Tabs for screenshots and images. * Open existing images via dialog, drag-and-drop or paste from clipboard. * Run as single instance application (secondary instances send cli parameter to primary instance). * Pin screenshots in frameless windows that stay atop other windows. * Many configuration options.

Installation via
Software Center
Pamac or
Command line