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Pragha Mucic Player

Licenses: GPL3
Version: 1.3.4-2

pamac install pragha
pacman -S pragha

pamac remove pragha
pacman -R pragha

Pragha is a Lightweight Music Player for GNU/Linux, based on Gtk, sqlite, and completely written in C, constructed to be fast, light, and simultaneously tries to be complete without obstructing the daily work. Features: • Full integration with GTK+3 support, but always completely independent of gnome or xfce • Two panel desing inspired on Amarok 1.4. Library and current playlist • Library with multiple views, according tags or folder structure • Search, filtering and queue songs on current playlist • Playing and edit tag of mp3, m4a, ogg, flac, asf, wma, and ape files. Of course you need codecs • Playlist management. Exporting M3U and read M3U, PLS, XSPF and WAX playlists • Play audio CDs and identifies this with CDDB • Playback control with command line and MPRIS2 • Native desktop notifications with libnotify

Installation via
Software Center
Pamac or
Command line