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Licenses: GPL
Version: 1:4.2.0-1

pamac install pcb
pacman -S pcb

pamac remove pcb
pacman -R pcb

PCB is an interactive printed circuit board editor for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. PCB includes a rats nest feature and schematic/netlist import, design rule checking, and can provide industry standard RS-274X (Gerber), NC drill, IPC-D-356 netlist and centroid data (X-Y data) output for use in the board fabrication and assembly process, as well as photorealistic and design review images. PCB offers high end features such as an autorouter, a topological router and various trace optimizers which can tremendously reduce layout time. For custom requirements, PCB offers a plug-in API for inserting new functionality and using that functionality from within the GUI as well as in scripts.

Installation via
Software Center
Pamac or
Command line