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Licenses: GPL
Version: 1:0.9.1-1

pamac install kbibtex
pacman -S kbibtex

pamac remove kbibtex
pacman -R kbibtex

KBibTeX is a reference management application which can be used to collect TeX/LaTeX bibliographies and export them in various formats. KBibTeX can do the following things: • Preview bibliography entries in various formats (Source (BibTeX), Source (RIS), Wikipedia, standard (XML/XSLT), fancy (XML/XSLT), and abstract-only (XML/XSLT)). Additional preview styles become available when bibtex2html is installed. • Import data in various bibliography file formats such as BibTeX, RIS and ISI (requires bibutils) and export data to PDF (requires pdflatex), PostScript (requires latex), RTF (requires latex2rtf), and HTML. • Search for the bibliography entries data in online databases (e.g. Google Scholar, ACM, IEEE, arXiv, etc.) • Preview local or remote (online) resources, e.g. PDF files, linked in the BibTEX entry. • Find and merge duplicate entries in bibliography. • Integrate your bibliographies with LaTeX editors such as Kile and LyX. • Import your Zotero library.

Installation via
Software Center
Pamac or
Command line