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GParted Partition Editor

Licenses: GPL
Version: 1.1.0-1

pamac install gparted
pacman -S gparted

pamac remove gparted
pacman -R gparted

GParted is a free partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions. With GParted you can resize, copy, label, and move partitions without data loss. These actions enable you to grow or shrink your C: drive, create space for new operating systems, or attempt data rescue from lost partitions. GParted works with many file systems including: btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs+, linux-swap, lvm2 pv, minix, nilfs2, ntfs, reiserfs, reiser4, udf, ufs, and xfs.

Installation via
Software Center
Pamac or
Command line