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Licenses: GPL3
Version: 1.2.1-2

pamac install babe
pacman -S babe

pamac remove babe
pacman -R babe

Babe will handle your whole music collection by retreaving semantic information from the web. Just relax, enjoy and discover your new music Use the Chrome extension to collect your favorite music videos from online streaming services like YouTube or Vimeo. Babe uses youtube-dl, so all the supported sites by it are also supported by Babe Babe has a main playlist where you can drag and drop tracks, artists, albums and custom playlists to be played or put on queued. Create your own playlists and search for music based on semantic queries. • Send your music to your phone. • Add moods to your music. • Edit your file metadata with the help of the internet.

Installation via
Software Center
Pamac or
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