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KDE Itinerary

Licenses: L G P L B S D
Version: 21.08.2-1
Download Size: 611453

pamac install itinerary

pamac remove itinerary

KDE Itinerary is a digital travel assistant with a priority on protecting your privacy. Features: • Timeline view of a unified travel itinerary with automatic trip grouping. • Supports train, bus and flight bookings as well as hotel, restaurant, event and rental car reservations. • Boarding pass management. • Supports ticket management for multi-traveler and multi-ticket bookings. • Automatic booking data extraction from various input formats, performed locally on your device. • Real-time delay and platform change information for trains. • Weather forecast for destination along your trip. • Full control over all online access. • Selection of alternative train connections on unbound tickets or on missed connections. • Local ground transportation navigation between elements of your itinerary. • Train coach layout view (for some operators only). • Train station and airport per-floor maps based on OpenStreetMap data. • Available dock-based or free-floating rental bikes can be displayed on the train station map. • Personal travel statistics to monitor environmental impact. KDE Itinerary works best alongside KMail's itinerary extraction plug-in and KDE Connect, or Nextcloud Hub and DavDroid.

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