All in one, Software-Center and package-management tool. Supports Operating System native packages, Snaps and Flatpaks.

Multiple interfaces for your favorit Desktop, a CLI for shell lovers and built in support for AUR packages, Included by default on any flavour.

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The office productivity suite compatible to the open and standardized ODF document format. Supported by The Document Foundation.

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LibreOffice Math

Create and edit scientific formulas and equations by using Math.

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Browse the World Wide Web

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GNU Image Manipulation Program

Create images and edit photographs

Multiple office software

Struggling with your Office suite? we are packed with Office choices, you will definitely find something that suits you.

From the best Open Source software has to offer and also some proprietary choices.

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Vector Graphics Editor

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VLC media player, the open-source multimedia player

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Frontend for emulators, game engines and media players

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The world's most advanced 3d printer software

Layout Switcher

If you love Gnome, now you can change your layout in one click.

This is still being worked on, so you may still find some bugs, use at your own risk, and please report them.

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Telegram Desktop

Official desktop version of Telegram messaging app

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Arduino IDE

Open-source electronics prototyping platform

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3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production

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Popular photo manager

Settings Manager

No more messing around with config files, manage your configurations with ease.

Besides doing all the basics, you can also change your Kernel or Graphic drivers between proprietary and Open Source, It also integrates with your desktop of choice.

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Oracle VM VirtualBox

Run several virtual systems on a single host computer